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Cnc od grinder

  • Hot Sales Model M1320B Small Small Cnc Cylindrical Grinder

    Hot Sales Model M1320B Small Small Cnc Cylindrical GrinderUniversal external grinding machine of M1420B and M1320B Technical parameter Working accuracy FAQ 1. Are you a manufacturer or trading company? We are a manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing internal and external grinders more than 10 years. Currently, the representive machine...

  • CNC Internal Grinding Machine Of Model MK2120 With High Effeciency

    CNC Internal Grinding Machine Of Model MK2120 With High EffeciencyThe machine tool is the two-shaft linkage CNC internal grinder. A clamping can grind simultaneously the big and small holes of the workpiece inner hole, taper bore, internal end face, external end face, and the grinding cycle of inner hole can be finished automatically. All mobile guide rails of the machine tool adopt the high-precision linear rolling guide rail, with good sliding. The feed reciprocating screw uses the high precision ball screw. The grinding wheel spindle of the machine tool adopts the high speed electric spindle, and is controlled by the static frequency converter to realize the stepless speed regulating. The clamps of the machine work include three jaw chuck, pneumatic clamp, hydraulic clamp, film clamp and other clamps which are optional for users.

  • Model MS-3 semi-automatic  CNC/  CNC gear deep hole internal grinder/Deep hole internal grinding grinder with high quality and high productivity

    Model MS-3 semi-automatic CNC/ CNC gear deep hole internal grinder/Deep hole internal grinding grinder with high quality and high productivityThis machine tools is the semi-automatic CNC deep hole internal grinder, with X-axis servo motor, rolling ball screw Z-axis (workbench) reciprocating motion for hydraulic drive. It has the functions such as: automatic cutting feed, automatic coarse grinding and fine grinding, automatic tool retracting, automatically trimming the grinding wheel, automatic compensation.

  • CNC Deep Hole Internal Grinder

    CNC Deep Hole Internal GrinderThe deep hole internal grinder is suitable for grinding the inner surface of hardened deep hole sleeve. The diameter of grinding inner hole is 150 ~ 400mm, and the maximum grinding depth is 1800mm. The longitudinal movement of the worktable of the deep hole internal grinder can be continuously...

  • Model M1080B Professional and Useful Centerless Internal / Tool / Tool Cutter Grinder/internal Grinding Machine

    Model M1080B Professional and Useful Centerless Internal / Tool / Tool Cutter Grinder/internal Grinding MachineThere are three main grinding methods in the unintentional cylindrical grinder, including through, cut in and cut through, through type and centerless grinding. The workpiece is grinded along the axis of the grinding wheel. The small inclination angle of the axis of the guide wheel is adjusted to realize the axial feed of the workpiece. It is suitable for grinding slender cylindrical workpiece. The short axis of the central hole and the set of workpiece. Cut - in - type centerless grinding. There is an axial orientation fulcrum on the plate, and the workpiece is supported on a certain position of the plate and grinding with a grinding wheel or a guide wheel. It is used to grind workpiece and cone, ball or other rotary workpiece with shaft shoulder or protruding platform. It is the combination of the two. In addition, there are tangent feed grinding and the end feed grinding of the workpiece with the steps in the axial and back. The productivity of the unintentional cylindrical grinder is high. It is mostly used in mass production and is easy to automate.

  • High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

    High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinding MachineCNC Cylindrical grinding machine, we supply MK1332,MK1632,MK1320,MK1620.This machine adopt the Germany Siemens or the domestic well-know brand of CNC system to achieve the cycle of automatic grinding work.the travel mechanism of the workbench adopts AC servo motor to directly drive the ball screw pair the guide rail of control console adopts the sliding guide rail of sticking plastic. the measuring system can be equipped with the measuring instrument according to customer's requirements to conduct the axial positioning and radial online measurement of workpiece,and is connected with the CNC system of the machine tools to complete the automatic cycle of workpiece grinding.

  • Cnc Grinder Manufacturers

    Cnc Grinder ManufacturersMK2110 CNC Grinder Main Spindle of Work Piece 1.The main shaft bearings are made of Japanese NSK into diagonal contact bearings, so as to improve the service life and the rotary accuracy of the main shaft. 2.The spindle speed of the work piece is controlled by a frequency converter to realize...

  • Precision CNC Internal Grinding Machine

    Precision CNC Internal Grinding MachineMK215 CNC Precision internal Grinding machine i ntroduction Specifications: Related complete sets of equipment: 2 sets of MK215 equipped with robatic arm. Application: These two sets of MK215 can realise automatic feeding and unloading with robatic arm, once clamping, it can finish internal...

  • CNC Precision Internal Grinding Machine

    CNC Precision Internal Grinding MachineMK215/MK2110 CNC Precision internal Grinding machine Main characteristics This machine tool is mainly used for grinding of internal hole, stepped hole, internal tapered hole and end face of work piece Specification parameter list of CNC Precision internal Grinding machine If you are interested...

  • Semi Automatic Surface Grinder

    Semi Automatic Surface Grindersemi automatic surface grinder Main features: this machine is a single axis servo motor driven semi-automatic CNC internal grinder, suitable for small diameter’s through hole grinding. This machine is a semi automatic cycle, feeding speed, grinding speed, and trimming speed can be automatic...