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internal bore grinding machine

  • High Precision MK215 CNC Internal Grinding Machine Tool

    High Precision MK215 CNC Internal Grinding Machine ToolThe grinding wheel spindle adopts the high speed electric spindle which is controlled by the static frequency converter to achieve stepless speed regulating. The setting up and adjusting of the parameters of machine tool utilizes the touch screen form which can achieve man-machine dialog with the convenient and intuitive operation. The clamps of the machine work include three jaw chuck, pneumatic clamp, hydraulic clamp, film clamp and other clamps which are optional for users. The machine tool adopts servo motor, and drives the ball screw movement through the coupler. The guide rail uses the cross intersection type of the roller steel guide rail with high precision and good rigidity.

  • Bearing Internal Grinding Machine

    Bearing Internal Grinding MachineBearing Internal Grinding Machine Technical Parameter Technical Performance and Overall Structure of Automatic Grinding Machine Tool 1.The machine tool is a CNC internal grinding machine with two axis, internal grinding cycle are completed automatically (including automatic feeding, automatic...

  • CNC Internal Grinder

    CNC Internal GrinderCNC Internal Grinder Grinding Wheel Spindle System The machine tool adopts high rigidity and high precision grinding machine main shaft, and the grinding wheel shaft is controlled by frequency converter, so that the rotation speed of grinding wheel can be adjusted conveniently, stepless speed...

  • Multi Spindle Grinding Machine

    Multi Spindle Grinding MachineIn addition to use the grinding wheel, the PVA grinding wheel can be used to highlight the workpiece. Multi axis grinding machine is mainly used to pass through the cylindrical surface of all kinds of ring and shaft parts. Semi automatic plunge grinding of various ladder, taper and cylindrical...